Wednesday, February 15, 2012

yeah, sorry about this...

In case anyone can't tell, I just apparently can't handle the fucking responsibility of a blog more complicated than "copy image url from bulbapedia, then write the first fucking things that come into your head".

Maybe I'll come back to this in a year, or maybe not. Don't hold your breath, is all I'm saying.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chapters 365, 366, 367, 368

Yes, it's a lot of chapters. Don't worry, not much happens.

in case you forgot: TWO TEAMS WILL BE ELIMINATED. Tsuna is going to lose his goddamn marbles over here. In the words of that duck from the Wonderpets: This is sewius.

Wait, what? That's it? How did Byakuran know Yamamoto was in trouble? How did he heal him? Why did he heal him? Is this seriously the resolution we're getting for this plot point?

Again, with the illusions into reality. As I've said before, this is tremendously stupid, because illusions in Reborn already may as well be reality. They can hurt people and destroy things just as well.

Okay, this is kinda funny. Unlike everyone else, who is getting worked up and serious-mode, Xanxus truly does not even give a single shit.

This is also cool. I like it when heroes team up with former villains. However, I must ask: What are Byakuran's powers? How does he still have them? I thought he had a super box weapon or something. Wait, couldn't he slide between all dimensions? What the hell is even his deal.

In the next chapter, they just fight, and it's boring. Illusory explosions everywhere, one of Byakuran's punks gets taken out, whatever. But then Collonello shows up in adult form with the definition of BFG, and makes my day.

The shot takes out the filler losers, leaving Flan, Mukuro, Byakuran, Gamma, and team Tsuna still in the game. Then, when Tsuna unreasonably asks Collonello to not shoot and take out the rest, Daddy Sawada (the horror!) acts like an actual mafioso and says he'll just shoot them all. thank goodness someone in this manga knows how to make a decision based on pragmatism instead of Friendship Power.

Meanwhile, Hibari prepares to clash with Varia and... WHO THE HELL IS DOKAS?!


Seriously, none of this even remotely resembles anything any human being would ever say. I think Tsuna wants to protect his allies, which is the oldest news since water was declared wet.

I don't really understand this, but I'll try to parse it. Byakuran took the entirety of Collonello's second shot, because he was always waiting to die for Uni, because she is literally the only thing that makes life worth living for him, and he so appreciates her desire to see him live happily, that he's willing to die. And also he "remembers" a future where he defeated Tsuna but it wasn't worth anything.

That's such a bunch of bullshit. First, it's suddenly injecting a "woe is me" backstory into an effeminate smug snake, none of which was even hinted at before. Secondly, isn't he kind of wasting Uni's effort to get him to care about life?

Reborn tends to swing between mediocre and face-palmingly stupid, and we saw both of those in this past month. That first chapter was pretty good, though. It just all went downhill from there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Piece Chapters 649, 650, 651

shit, where did those days go? If I'm not careful, I'll end up behind before I even start...

So Jimbe refuses for the moment, putting himself in the same status as Vivi. Well, that's a pity, but it'll be badass to see him (and Vivi, and Hancock, and Mr. 2, and all the rest) show up again in the inevitable final battle.

Party time! Yeah! This goes on for a while.

Robin takes matters into her own hands and decides to move the plot forward. Who is Joy Boy? Someone from the Void Century, apparently. And the Noah is a symbol of a promise between him and the ancient fishmen. But then Neptune drops the biggest bomb.

Shirahoshi is Poseidon. The ancient weapon is actually a person. This raises many questions as to what Uranus could be, if suddenly living things are a possibility. Maybe the strongest devil fruit? A giant canon? Blackbeard's hairy butt? The possibilities are endless.

Feeling left out, Jimbe also wants to share. He informs us that Akainu is now the Fleet Admiral, having defeated Aokiji for the position. Aokiji then left the marines, presumably to become a shave ice seller. This leaves two Admiral slots open, and assuming that Vice-Admirals move up and no one is promoted over their heads, with Garp's absence, that leaves THREE VA spots. Also assuming there is a set number of positions for each rank.

I think Smoker will be Vice-Admiral, with Tashigi one rank behind. Coby will also be VA, because his growth seems exponential. As for the Admirals, I wonder what Kizaru's doing. Dicking around as usual, I suppose. But now that the neat red/blue/yellow color scheme is messed up, what will they do? I really don't have any idea what VA's could move up, since none of them seemed very impressive.

Also Blackbeard is now officially a Yonkou, and has taken all of Whitebeard's former territory. This isn't surprising. But somehow his crew is "stealing devil fruits" from people, which is hella surprising. Are they storing them away? Giving them out to minions? Is BB himself hoarding all these powers?

Also Hody and his gang finally experience the crash after all those Energy Steroids, which were hidden originally in the Casket of Urashima. They turn all old and wrinkly. It's hella gross.

Oh, also there was something going on about how Caribou heard about Shirahoshi, tried to capture her, got beat up, escaped, then Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro went out to find him and beat him up again, to take the treasure he took from the palace. Which the Strawhats are allowed to keep, says Neptune. Whatever, the upshot is this: Suddenly the crew is flush.

However, Big Mom's goons show up, Pekoms and Baron Tamago. The former is a bipedal lion, the latter is this awesome freakshow. Their beef is this: Fishman Island was supposed to pay its tribute of candy, but the factory got destroyed in the fighting and they used up all the sweets at the party. So, no candy. And Big Mom is known to destroy entire countries when they don't pay up.

Speak of the devil, here's Big Mom herself! She also probably totally ate a dude. You could hear crunching and smacking and screams and stuff. She calls the island, but Luffy answers the phone because he doesn't give a shit. He offers their newly gained treasure in place of the candy, claiming to have eaten it all. (which is partly true).

Big Mom eventually accepts, and changes the target of her wrath from Fishman Island to Monkey D. Luffy. Hoo boy. Making enemies of Yonkou, good way to kick off the New World.

Man, a lot happened and got revealed in these weeks. I can't frigging WAIT to see how this all turns out. Fishman Island may have been only "good" as an arc, but I can't see how Luffy vs Big Mom could be anything less than fan-fucking-tastic.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Naruto Chapters 566, 567, 568

When we left off, Bee and Naruto were fighting the other tailed beast hosts. So Bee nukes the field, and then sends out his ink clones to put the enemies in wrestling holds, all at the same time, which is hilariously awesome.

He goes for the simultaneous pin, but Tobi jumps in from ring-side and turns them all into what Naruto looked like when he fought Orochimaru. For Naruto this was 4-tails form, but these guys seem pretty tailed, so I don't know what to call it.

Naruto gets hit with some shit or other, I wasn't paying attention, and Tobi goes for the pin, but then Kakashi and Gai jump in to reclaim their tag-team belt! I don't care for Kakashi anymore, but Gai never fails to make my day.


Who are these dipshits again? More of Sasuke's rabble, right? Why are they in the woods? Are they stoned? They sound stoned. Almost as much as when Nagato and Itachi stumbled around and got impressed by trees and eyes and stuff.

Man, the 9-tails sure is tsundere for Naruto. Meanwhile, Bee tries to pretend we should care about what the Bijuu have to say to eachother, but you can tell his heart isn't in it.

Suddenly, GIANT KAIJU BATTLE YEAH!!! I don't get why Kishimoto thinks anyone wants to even think about slugs, much less see a giant one fart gas all over the place, but there it is. And isn't it kinda lazy to give the Monkey octopus tails as well, since monkeys actually do have very defined tails?

Okay, that's pretty badass right there, I must admit.

Naruto gets swallowed, and immediately starts talking shit to the guy who swallowed him. Real smart. But, since he's Ninja-Jesus Naruto, I'm betting the big lunk will be converted by the famous Talk no Jutsu before too long.

Also, some people got in a fit about the name "Son Goku", not realizing that the original Son Goku of Dragonball fame was already a reference to the mythological Son Goku, the monkey king. And Kishimoto using mythological names/figures isn't new.

I'm with Naruto here. Nihilistic pricks who just shit all over everything aren't being cool and edgy, they're douchebags. "I don't want to be anybody", "A world with only despair in it has no right to exist at all", Christ, why don't you just go listen to some more Linkin Park and System of a Down already.

Overall, these chapters weren't too bad. Some good scenes, and seeing Gai is always nice, even if he and Kakashi just spent the time doing meaningless special moves that accomplished pretty much nothing. Also, I just realized Kakashi off-screened all those swordsmen of the mist, didn't he? wtf. And then there's Naruto's "charisma" which just stresses my suspension of disbelief too far.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bleach Chapters 476, 477, 478

And I'm back! I'll be catching up on what went down while I was gone, and then I'll try to get into some facsimile of a regular schedule when Jump returns to its regular schedule next week.

Ginjou and Ichigo are still fighting, but here we come across another plot hole: Soul Society apparently couldn't locate Ginjou. But, Ginjou still has his substitute shinigami badge. Which he claims is a GPS/transmitter. So why did they have to use this Ichigo gambit to lure him out?

Anyway they fight and Ichigo wins because he's just stronger, regardless of how confident Ginjou was before. Then Ginjou tries to get philisophical with his dying breath.

What? What was that bullshit? "If we were opposite, would you be the same as me?" What the hell is that even about? That doesn't even mean anything.

Then Tsukishima tries to jump behind Ichigo and stab him, but Rukia jumps in the way (because being an incredibly powerful Shinigami her only option at this range was to use her body as a shield) but then WHOA SHIT Riruka jumps out of her, and Tsuki stabs Riruka. And then they just let Tsukishima wander off, apparently.

So Jackie is alive, but she doesn't have her powers anymore. Tsukishima is a dead man walking. Giriko is flat out dead. Ginjou is dead. Shishigawara only ever had loyalty to Tsukishima. Riruka is probably going to be lumped into Ichigo's friend group.

Who exactly is Yukio talking about letting work for him? The entire Fullbring Family is either dead, de-powered, or has no loyalty whatsoever.

What the actual fuck, Kubo. I don't see any damn beautiful scenery, you aren't Togashi, don't try and pull this shit on me, I know you're just a lazy ass. Goddamnit.

Overall, this arc has been even more pathetic and painfully awful than the Deicide chapters, which is saying a lot. It seemed like a good opportunity to power down Ichigo to a reasonable level, to let the side characters shine, but it ended up being Ichigo and the popular Shinigami doing all the work, same as before. And I like how Chad has vanished again.

Also holy shit did not a lot happen in 3 chapters. The fighting wasn't even the least bit interesting or suspenseful.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

who am I even kidding

Yeah, I was a fool for thinking I could get time to actually update this regularly during December. So many holiday-themed things to go to, family to attend to, etc.

So, don't expect anything else until January, when I WILL be back, mark my words.

Yeah, sorry for this one. My other blog, Not All Pokemon Are Created Equal, will still be going though. This one just takes like 3 times as much effort as NAPCEL, and I don't have that sort of time. Ironically, I'm busier on break than I am during school. huh.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chapter 364

So, contrary to what I thought, named people actually lost. Good riddance to those, whose names I barely recognized when they were introduced, and who I look forward to forgetting in the near future. But, do those sillouettes indicate "hidden members", or just unassigned watches? because in Team Reborn's case, it's the latter, but in others, it might be the former.

Watching Flan, Mukuro, and Verde pull their 3 Stooges routine was painful, but I admit I like their Fruity Style.

Fruity indeed.

Did you ever want to see Dino wearing hipster glasses? In different wrinkled clothes? If so, then I have got just the thing for you! For everyone else, I guess you're out of luck. Because here's Dino wearing hipster glasses. Because Mafioso make great English teachers.

Uni won't tell about what will happen to her if she wins, because her curse is just short life, not being a baby, and also she is kind of dead already if I recall?

Anyway, 2 teams will fall in the next battle. I predict Skull, because he has already shown us all his stuff (tanking like a boss), and also Collonello, because he has the team with the least about of bishie fangirl-favorites in it.